It was 50 yrs ago on a bright Saturday morning that I stood before the altar of St. Francis at Lourdes Church eagerly awaiting for the entrance of my beloved Joy.

With mixed feelings of excitement and fear, I, nevertheless, took the plunge to be with Joy for life. It was sheer courage boosted by the madness of love that made it happen. Despite having nothing at all, I invited her to be my partner for life; and, lovingly she accepted it. I am forever grateful for the trust that she put in me.

Over the years, despite our lack of financial resources, our differences & faults, we continued to enjoy our marriage which was blessed with our three children – Carlo, Iman & Jay. Whilst we had our ups and downs, we persisted in our marriage. Indeed, the patience and love we had for each other enabled us to remain together. It must have been God working behind the scene.

Finally as we celebrate our golden wedding anniversary today, I thank God for gifting us with the most beautiful “kintsuge” jar, which is composed of broken pieces of our individual weaknesses & mistakes but joined back together by God to rebuild an ever more beautiful marriage melded with gold.

Je t’aime 🌹

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