Quarantined Wayfarer is an advocacy initiative for spreading joy and hope to humankind.

Photo shows the Lantern Tower, which guards the port of La Rochelle, France. Like the tower, we aim to protect wayfarers by spreading joy and hope to humankind.
Just like the Lantern Tower guarding the port at La Rochelle, France, the Quarantined Wayfarer wants to guard wayfarers by spreading joy and hope to humankind.


Back in the year 2012, I organized Acacia Solidarity Investment Club, an advocacy community for young professionals. Its mission was to educate young professionals on two topics, namely:

  1. Personal Finance – how to invest in the capital markets; and,
  2. Social Doctrine – how to be socially relevant to society guided by the principles of human respect, justice, solidarity and common good.

Suffice it to say, the advocacy attracted some thirty (30) college students and young professionals, who actively participated in the events organized.


Fast forward to today, Acacia Solidarity has taken a big leap forward by creating this blog site. As a media channel, our mission is to uplift the human spirit. Accordingly, we hope to deliver content that would contribute to the betterment of society. For example, we would feature commentaries on books that would feed the soul. Alternatively, we would also feature art forms that would soothe the spirit. Ultimately, our aim is to serve as transformation agent for spreading joy and hope to humankind. By giving due credit to imposed isolation brought about by the COVID19 pandemic, we now have this blog site up and running.

In closing, we believe that we are all wayfarers in the journey of life. We believe that the road ahead is replete with uncertainties and peril. Hence, we want to accompany travelers along the way. By sharing past life experiences and learnings, we hope to make their journey more pleasant. Our role is simply to point to “signposts”, which will provide comfort & security for wayfarers in their journey of life.

Buen Camino!


Manila, April 6, 2020

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